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Hey There

"There are few things I love more than singing with groups of people." 

I work with organizations, businesses, communities & schools to support people in leadership development & building deeper relationship with community, team, self & the environments surrounding us. 

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Community singing is an ancient technology that existed way before amplification and "good" and "bad" singing binaries. Communal singing, just like grief practice, was an original tool for regulating trauma (although we did not use that language). Singing together helps us move stagnant emotion through the body, become mindfully embodied, move a bit outside our comfort zones into unknown territories, reduces stress, cultivate unification and pump the brain with oxytocin. 

Who wouldn't want this for their communities? 


Singing is beneficial to leadership development because it stimulates the right brain. And like a battery, the right side of the brain (Creative / Intuitive / Artistic / Non-verbal / Emotional / Musical / Imaginative) powers up the left side of the brain (Logical / Analytical / Linear / Verbal / Factual / Verbal / Sequential). 

The songs we sing are about inner critics, working together collectively, healing core wounds and more. Listen to some examples here

I look forward to singing with you and your people. Learn more about me: bio | music bio


Please contact me for rates and sliding scale 

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