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Altars: We will have several altars on the land and encourage folks to make them community altars by bringing things to add to them for the weekend and collect on Monday before you leave. The altars are as follows: 


1. Ancestor - Ancestry can be complicated. From the nuanced reasons for not knowing who they are, to ancestry being a mix of colonizer and colonized, enslaver and enslaved, witch and witch burner… We welcome the ancestors (blood + chosen) with your intention of healing, wholeness and breaking the cycles of intergenerational trauma both caused and endured by our people. 

2. Lynching installation - At the entrance of the (attendee optional) installation (located inside the woods) of The Chronically Undertouched (directed by facilitator Aaron Johnson), we will create an altar for the African Heritage lives taken within the context of American history. 

3. Grief - Whatever this means to you, bring it to the altar. 

4. Pleasure - The 5 senses. Color, fruits, toys, playfulness, kink. Bring your pleasure.


5. Rage Station - Whatever this means to you, bring it to the altar. 


6. Transformation - What in life are you ready to transform? See change? Release? Call in?


7. Shadow - The subconscious, the unknown, the not yet known, that which we are in denial about and that which we culturally have cast to the shadows both individually and collectively. Examples: Indigenous genocide, boarding schools, prison industrial complex, anti-immigration, the stripping of womb rights, super fund sites and pipelines… etc. 

8. Resilience/Earth - What grounds you? Brings you back into your body? Gives you strength, persistence and courage? Helps you remember a spirit of curiosity? 

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