Touring & song circles for communities, ceremonies & leadership development.

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Alexandra (Ahlay) is preparing to launch a gofundme on 11-11-2022 for her upcoming album, based on Francis Weller's, The Five Gates of Grief from his book The Wild Edge of Sorrow. 

She aims to raise $30,000 for studio time, a producer, an engineer, mixing, mastering, food and care for a 100+ person choir, musicians, merch and more. 

YES! Recording with a 100+ choir! That is when these songs sound the richest! Get an idea here & here

She will be touring this album in a song ceremony fashion, going from community to community with the prayer of remembering what was meant to be forgotten: Our inherent birthright of rhythm and song already living inside our bodies, to grieve, to be witnessed in community and to know - we were never meant to do any of this alone. 

This album is an ode to grief, rage, ceremony, ritual, the ancestors, prayer, community, spirit kin and reverence for sacred space holding.


You can gift energy to this album's coming to fruition by supporting them on Patreon

Image by Jem Cresswell

29+ songs caught by Alexandra Blakely on bandcamp.

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One of Blakely's many passions is visual storytelling and filmmaking. Many of her video projects have either been directed and/or edited by her. 

Watch some here. 

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Blakely unearths the power in song, that similar to prayer, can propel the solidification of realities. She writes for the community to transform, ask questions, and seek to lead lives that would make us ancestors worth honoring.

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