Song circles for communities, ceremonies & leadership development.


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Ahlay unearths the power in song, that similar to prayer, can propel the solidification of realities. They write for the community to transform, ask questions, and seek to lead lives that would make us ancestors worth honoring.

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photos by Jem Cresswell

Community singing. Collective singing. Group Singing. 

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One of Ahlay's many passions is visual storytelling and filmmaking. Many of their video projects have either been directed and/or edited by them. Watch some here. 

"Songs for Grief"

Ahlay is currently recording an acappella album, based on Francis Weller's, The Five Gates of Grief from his book The Wild Edge of Sorrow. 

She will be "performing" this album live in a song circle fashion.

This album is an ode to grief, rage, ceremony, ritual, the ancestors, prayer, community, spirit kin and reverence for sacred space holding.


You can gift energy to this album's coming to fruition by supporting them on Patreon

Image by Jem Cresswell