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Songs for Grief

A one day workshop

Some more about it

A One Day Workshop

This workshop starts at roughly 9:30am and goes until we are done (ideally aiming to fully close by 6pm - but not promised). People bring their own sack lunch. Journals and altar items are also encouraged to bring.

What kind of grief are we talking about? ALL OF IT. None of it is separate. As Francis Weller says, "Grief is the solitary journey one cannot do alone." And whatever it is we are grieving (be it loss of humans, land, trees, ancestral disconnection, trauma, longing, injustice, etc.) is a tributary, a river if you will, that guides us all, ultimately to the ocean. The place where we grieve in community, regardless of the why.

There is no grief too big or too small.


Invite Ahlay to facilitate your community.

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