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Grieving White Supremacy is for people of European descent who are aching for a space to grieve both the weapon and the wound of white supremacy.


As white people, we are both responsible to dismantle the systems that uphold white supremacist policies, laws and institutions and we are worthy of our own ancestral healing. In fact, the two are not separate. This work is holy.


"White bodies traumatized each other in Europe for centuries before they encountered Black and Red bodies. This carnage and trauma profoundly affected white bodies and the expressions of their DNA. As we'll see, this historical trauma is closely linked to the development of white-body supremacy in America."

-Resmaa Menakem

My Grandmother's Hands

Chart by: Ahlay Blakely | I am open to feedback and further expansion of this idea

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The grief points to the longing.

We will grieve collectively, internalized white supremacy, how we (and our ancestors) have perpetuated (intentionally and/or unintentionally) these harms and grieve our own ancestral losses resulting in a range of sorrows from spiritual starvation to unbelonging.

We've gotta start somewhere and we have a long, long way to go.


20% of facilitation fees will be fundshifted to PGM healing spaces.

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