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Online Song Workshops

Come sing

Ask questions about song catching songwriting and Song leading

Get some prompts

Creative writing

Encouraging feedback

Group feedback

Breakout groups to workshop songs

Either bring a song you’re already working with or catch something at the workshop

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12 person max, 4 hour, online workshop.

Reciprocity: $66-155 sliding scale



"Having the opportunity to workshop my new song with Ahlay and the group gave me terrific, actionable suggestions. And just 10 minutes of creative-block medicine from Ahlay opened space for a new song to start to come through me right then and there! Ahlay is truly a magical being -- I feel lucky and blessed to have received the gifts from her wonderful offering." - Marv Zauderer


"This workshop was a new experience for me into the world of song cycles, song receiving, leading, layering and much more. ahlay was very clear and at ease with herself and so encouraging and inspiring for all of us to take risks and share." -Sondra Loring (they, she, fairy)


"What an honor and privilege it was to gather with Ahlay and a vibrant collective of courageous beings during the recent virtual song circle workshop. By now, we all have experienced "online learning fatigue" and I'll be the first to admit my reservations around the level of intimacy and connection available through a zoom room, particularly when it comes to the tricky territory of songcatching and song-sharing. I should have known better! Ahlay brought the magic in full force, and her fiercely compassionate, attuned and attentive leadership style slowly and steadily led us deeper and deeper into connection with ourselves, one another, and the miracle of music as the workshop unfolded. Through deeply insightful inquiries, community sharing, and facilitated reflection opportunities, Ahlay guided each of us to connect with our own inner gifts and wisdom and also with one another as humans, as creatives, as inspiration and connection. I left the workshop feeling creatively inspired, open-hearted, and deeply connected with the mycelial-like web of open-hearted community song sharers around this country and around the world. I would absolutely take this workshop again and again, and I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to all my singing friends, and even those who don't yet know they want to sing in community, but know they're hungry for some intangible something. That is there too." -Shri Steep

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