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illustration by: @seedsofspells

Alexandra Blakely recorded a 200 voice community choir for an album entirely dedicated to grief in July 2023 in WA State. The album “WAILS: songs for grief,” is inspired by Whales and the five gates of grief from Francis Weller’s book, “The Wild Edge of Sorrow.” ahlay is currently in the studio with Max Ribner and Todd Boston integrating the choir recordings into tracks that include whales, keys, strings, horns and ahlay's voice. 

They are aiming to release the album in summer 2024 and are currently in a phase II of the project: visual storytelling. The dream is to make a few videos that uplift communal grieving as witnessed by the ancestors, the seen and unseen realms and the power of not having to do it alone.  


In order to achieve this second phase of the project, additional fundraising is needed. We are looking to form a team of funders who will back this second phase of the project. This looks like coming together for a few online meetings with ahlay. If you are someone (or know someone) who can support the vision for this next chapter. Please contact us! 


If you are able to support financially and don't want to join the team, please consider sending funds via gofundme. We still have a long way to go. 


The gofundme is still accepting donations. As the project grows, so do some of the costs required to compensate so many people for their time, skills and love. 

Will you support by donating?

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