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 Alexandra Blakely and friends will be recording an album entirely dedicated to grief in July 2023 with over 150 voices. This album is called “WAILS: songs for grief,” and it is inspired by the five gates of grief from Francis Weller’s book, “The Wild Edge of Sorrow.”


There is a song for each gate - an opening and closing song and an opening and closing prayer. This album is meant to be like sitting in a circle, a ceremony if you will, to honor grief in a culture that is grief-illiterate & grief phobic.


MARCH 11, 2023

Visionary/Curator: Alexandra Blakely

Sound Engineer: Todd Boston

Musical Production Support: Max Ribner

Illustrator: Seeds of Spells

Event Production: Aliko Weste


We are in Phase 2 of our fundraising goal!! On 11-11-22 we launched this fundraiser and 1 month and 4 days later we collectively reached our first goal of $11,111.


We still want to raise at least another $9,000.

Here is why:


On July 28-31 we are holding a 4 day gathering in Washington State to record these 7 songs for the album with the choir. The land we will rent will cost almost $11,000 to hold 200 people and to rent the "recording studio" (a beautiful lodge with gorgeous reverb) where Todd, our engineer, will be mic'ing the whole space to record us.


And what I can tell you about the event for now is this: Yes, the choir requires auditions. Yes, it will be a 4 day grief, pleasure & rest gathering. Yes, kids can come and there will be daycare during our recorded song circles. Yes, people will pay for their camping/food/choir/tailored experience with elders, musicians, artists & grief-ful ministry. And yes, you should definitely save those dates if you imagine yourself there. The event will go live in March 2023. And if people are curious about how to stay updated, signing up the newsletter is the best way.


All that being said, please keep spreading the word about this gofundme.

We aim to raise the additional $9,000 both through gofundme & at the Seattle, WA in-person fundraiser on March 11, 2023.

Will you join us in this project?

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