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What if, what we are doing right now, ripples out beyond what the eye can see?

How do we weave both the ache and the awe into our calling? What do we already know about the grief living inside of us for our deep love for the world? What have we seen that we cannot unsee? What do we now know that we cannot unknow? What are our soul’s deepest longings? What are the gifts we have come to Earth to give? What if what we are contributing to is a part of a bigger picture that we may never see in our lifetime? How can we still wake up as often as possible, now knowing what we know, and dedicate our lives to the undercurrents of our vision? How can we weave these questions into our service to the whole, into our service to the future ones? And then once we begin to grasp the knowing, can we set it free into the river of not knowing and lean back into a deeper trust of mystery?


"There is no UNKNOWING: A Vision Birthed of our Wails for These Times" is a guided group space to support individuals in their own empowerment to realize (and/or clarify) their callings. The facilitator will not do it for you. It’s not about being filled up with someone else's answers, it’s about encouraging you to remember the medicine you already carry and your unique way of bringing it that is actually exactly what we need. Your gift(s) is not an accident.

Questions, external resources, exercises, poems and songs will be offered with hopes that it might create deepenings on your own path. We will be encouraged to use our imaginations and dare us to live our souls' wildest dreams as members of this vast ecosystem called home. What is your part? What are the gifts you have to contribute to the whole? And are you willing to risk living it? Are you willing to risk rejection? Failure? For the sake of your soul's aliveness?  


In this 6 week series we will combine what brings us grief for the world with what brings us awe and woven in with the gifts we have to share. The INTENTION is for you to finish the 6 weeks having more questions that strengthen the clarification of your soul path. 


Each week we will move through an arc (see more details below) as a group. On our calls we will journal, work in breakout groups, sing, listen to poetry, hear stories, share dreams, group share and have group work outside the container with other participants. 50% of our calls will hold intentional space for Q&A from participants to facilitator.

This series is inspired in part by teachers such as Joanna Macy, Frances Weller + Bill Plotkin and draws upon many interpersonal relationships with colleagues, guides and friends such as Leticia Nieto, Aaron Johnson, Laurence Cole and more. 


What this IS:

  • A place to be reminded that you can’t do it alone, but no one can (or will) do it for you

  • A place for you to ask yourself questions

  • A place for you to explore imposter syndrome

  • A place for you to challenge a belief that your gifts aren’t wanted or needed

  • A place for radical honesty

  • A place to be inspired by a group process

  • A place to find mentorship (defined as: supporting you to ask yourself questions and mentor offers personal experience as examples)

  • A place to find peer support


What this IS NOT:

  • A place where the facilitator will figure anything out for you

  • A space where you will be promised an answer

  • A space where you are promised to leave feeling resolution or closure

  • A space to pedestalize anyone, including the facilitator 

Week 1

Connection Opening Circle

 ( including 15 min Q&A )

Week 2

Our Wails for These Times

a 2 hour grief circle

Week 3 

Awes + Visions 

 ( including 15 min Q&A )

Week 4

Weaving What We Know

 ( including 15 min Q&A )

Week 5

Risk It Circle

2 hour group harvest of

what we are clarifying on our visions

Week 6

Integration Closing Circle

 closing thoughts + practices

The Series

Who is facilitating?

How/When will we meet?


Online 4-6pm PST (hopefully early enough for our East Coast Kin)

Live attendance is required. We will not be recording sessions. 

Tuesday: January 9, 2024   |   4-6pm PST

Tuesday: January 16, 2024  |   4-6pm PST

Tuesday: January 23, 2024  |   4-6pm PST

Tuesday: January 30, 2024  |   4-6pm PST

Monday (NOTE DAY CHANGE): February 5, 2024  |   4-6pm PST

Tuesday: February 13, 2024  |   4-6pm PST

Alexandra "ahlay" Blakely... read more about me and my lineage here.


What's Included


12 hours of facilitated group work

2-5 hours of “homework" per week outside the calls + depending on what you decide to put into it. (Journaling, researching, imagining, daydreaming, wandering, dreaming the unimaginable, embodiment practices, nature practices)

One 1-hour small group call with your pod (pooled from active participants) from our group between calls each week for peer support and mentorship. Each week, you will be grouped in a different pod. 

Supplementary resources


Sliding scale $300-$500 for 6 weeks

Use this tool to determine where on the sliding scale you land. 

Payment plans and reduced rate spots are available, please contact me directly. 

Financial transparency, here.

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