Communal grief rituals are a group of people who come together to be witnessed in their sorrows. Through listening to others in their grief we can learn to articulate what has felt ineffable. Here we are invited to destigmatize, metabolize and remove pathological labels of our grief, to co-regulate our nervous systems in village and to be reminded that we are not alone.

"In many traditional cultures throughout the world, the full and wholesome expression of grief arising from life’s inevitable sorrows and losses was often known to be most effectively released in a communal setting.  It was recognized that unexpressed grief could be toxic, leading to illness, depression, addiction, even damaging and violent behavior towards oneself or others.   It also was known that through supporting one another in holding compassionate witness and energetic presence in a sacred ritual container that welcomed the many faces and forms of grieving, a people could reweave the bonds of respectful connection and belonging that served to hold them together in interdependent, mutually flourishing community."  - Laurence Cole

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These in-person rituals are facilitated by myself and Laurence Cole. They take place in or near the greater Seattle Area. Learn more

This is a 3 day ritual for people of European descent to grieve internalized white supremacy and what we lost in order to become categorized as white. Learn more


We are building a grief sanctuary for African Heritage Folks and People of the Global Majority in the high desert. This project is Black led and on land stewarded by Black folks. I spend a lot of my time dedicated to this project. I believe grief work to be some of the most important work of our lifetime and I want to support the healing from trauma for BIPOC folks, led by BIPOC folks.  

Learn more about it.