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Please take some time to read through this page.

It will truly help set up our container from before we gather. 

To learn a bit about the Land, read here. 

What to expect

  • This is a four day gathering and container. We ask folks to commit to the entire four days, arriving before 1pm on Friday July 28 and departing from the land by 1pm on Monday July 31. 

  • We will be together as one group the entire time except for the folks who opted out of the recorded song circles on Saturday + Sunday 10-1pm + 3-6pm. For those who select to attend the event without joining the choir you will have these allotted times to rest, to be with the land, the creek + the art installations. On purpose, we are building in practices of joy and celebration to create an equilibrium in emotion throughout the gathering with integration beginning Sunday night through Monday morning. (learn more with daily flow)

What does a ticket include?

  • A space to gather, share and learn together 

  • 4 days/3 nights of camping in a lush meadow next to a Creek feeding into the Skagit River. 

  • A variety of camp zones (light sleeper zone, family + kids zone) throughout the land with access to porta potties

  • 8 organic, local, delicious and nutritious vegan + gluten free meals with meat and egg add on options. 

  • 3 full days of song circles, grief practice and connection with community

  • Daily morning practices – options include offerings such as: yoga, tea and quiet time

  • Nightly communal activities, including sociodrama, grief practice + improv

  • Always brewing and flowing hot tea and snacks at the tea hut

  • Access to our community council, pillars of care, grief tenders + herbal/first aid teams. 

  • For parents and children - access to our "Future Ones Camp" during choir recording hours. 

  • Your name in the zine (if you consent) as a choir participant 

  • Access to delicious well water from the land

Do I have to AUDITION for the choir?

  • No, but if you are wanting to join the choir, please make sure you send your 30 second audio or video singing a song from Spells from the Unknown to with the same name you registered for your ticket. This way we can give you a bracelet for choir upon your arrival to the gathering. 

  • This is not an audition but rather this will help the sound engineering team get a feel for the tone of voices we’ll be welcoming in. Your sharing will be held in confidentiality and listened to with respect. 

  • One Voice: Recording a choir is distinct from community singing. In community singing, singing is an inherent birthright that is less about what it sounds like and more about how it feels in your body**. For recording a choir,  things like pitch and volume matter. We have a sound engineer with us for only a small window to catch the recordings needed to fill out the album. We hold the understanding that voices are diverse and the majority of voices are so perfect for this recording. Singing with one voice means no one voice is louder than another and we are singing together unified as a collective. This requires skilled and attuned listening to one another. In the unlikely event that you have a voice that sits above the collective vocal mix, we may ask you to adjust your volume or pitch.

  • **Every night we will have a round robin of song that won’t be recorded and we invite everyone to join in on these singing sessions. The recorded song sessions with the choir are Sat + Sun 10-1 and 3-6pm. For those who select to attend the event without joining the choir you will have these allotted times to rest, to be with the land, the creek + the art installations. 

How can I best prepare for the recordings?

  • Great Question! We will be sending out a song page of prerecorded songs to the five gates of grief in early July so that you can listen to them and familiarize yourself with the lyrics, melodies and harmonies. 

Choir health and wellness

At this gathering we are tending to a larger field than many of us have tended to since our global pandemic. Especially since we will be singing indoors as a choir. There will be a lot of different people from a lot of different backgrounds and needs on-site coming together for four days. And as we lean into holding an event during these times, we acknowledge these things: 


  1. Inaccess to spaces due to disability and immunocompromisation is not equal to a preference. 

  2. The pandemic is deeply related to grief work, not a distraction. 


To make this indoor activity hopefully more accessible to our disabled kin and to prevent interruption to our live recordings (which is the primary goal for this gathering) here are the following requests of attendees: 


  • If you are having respiratory or G.I. symptoms please take an at home covid test before coming to the gathering.

  • If during the gathering you’re having symptoms: please mask + covid test yourself (we will have tests on site). 

  • If you’re coughing, sneezing or sniffling indoors (even if it is allergies) we will ask you to mask.

  • Beyond these requests, masks are optional indoors and outdoors and people will be in choice about how close they want to be together.


More on indoor gathering: The gathering is outdoors (83%) with one exception: the choir recordings (17%). The reason for this is: We need to record the choir contained in a room for capturing the sound. This is why we will be recording the four 3-hour choir sessions (Sat + Sun) inside the sanctuary. We will allow air to circulate through the sanctuary when we can. For those who select to attend the event without joining the choir you will have these allotted times to rest, to be with the land, the creek + the art installations.

Art Installations + Communal Grief

"i imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain." ―james baldwin

  • There is much unmetabolized grief in the collective field of Turtle island. At this gathering our main focus are the 4 recorded choir circles, our communal time together with activities such as a sociodrama with Leticia Nieto, art installations (trigger warning: lynching in the US - optional installation in the woods*) from artists Aaron Johnson on the Chronically Undertouched and Mari Shibuya on Collective Shadow within the context of the United States and opportunities for grief practices (however we will not be holding grief ritual at this gathering). 

  • *Lynching art installation is optional, it will be in the woods and will be located on an available map especially for parents to track their children. 

Screen Shot 2023-03-26 at 3.48_edited.jpg

Lynching Installation by: Aaron Johnson

Tender touch has been taken from black bodied people, with the invention of The Black Brute archetype to justify lynching.

The Tender Touch: Lynching and the Unrested art installation speaks to one of the more common ways America chose to terrorize black bodies. The Chronically UnderTouched trauma story is one that is not a coincidence, but by design in our culture. The results of this design are catastrophic—mass incarceration, high fatality rate due to violence against black bodies, and systemic breach of consent.

With a lynching art installation as an anchor point, we will meditate, pray, and examine the lineage of black bodied people. We will weave in song, sounding, grief space, opportunities to write and strategize practical ways to interrupt this trauma story as part of a lifelong practice.

There will be specific time set aside for people of the global majority to be with the art installation. For white bodied folks, we invite you to be careful to not out-grieve the grievers.

Further learnings recommended on Aaron Johnson's site, The Chronically Undertouched​.

For Parents

  • Kiddos 3-10 are welcome to the chaperoned Future Ones Camp during our choir recordings on Sat + Sun 10-1pm + 3-6pm. Kids 11+ are welcome to join the choir recordings if able to contribute to the one voice. Children 2 and under must be cared for by a caregiver at all times during the event. No children under the age of 11 are permitted in the choir recordings (please see schedule). 

  • Lynching art installation is optional, it will be in the woods and will be located on an available map especially for parents to track their children. Please watch this one minute video from facilitator + educator Aaron Johnson (Chronically Undertouched Project) > > > > > > >

Land Accessibility 

  • There are gravel roads and hilly, grassy fields. There are flat meadows for camping and trails that lead to a very rocky bedded creek. The lodge area is where food and choir will happen and is mostly flat surface for entering and exiting. 


  • All meals are going to be beyond organic*, gluten free + vegan with meat as an option, if this doesn't work for you or your child(ren), please be prepared to bring your own foods (there can be no camping cook stoves or fires or smoking of any kind in the meadows. Especially in July, it will be very dry and we must insist on zero fires/flames outside). The kitchen will not be available for individual use. We will often have additional offerings of meat/eggs with the meals.

  • Please bring your own cups, plates, utensils, water bottles, hot water vessels, etc. We will not be providing this. 

  • There will be a snack table and we still encourage parents to bring snacks and food for your children.

  • At each meal you will line up to be served buffet style. After each meal there will be dishwashing stations and a compost bin. 

  • Beyond organic* - we are going to work with local farmers and producers to source seasonally and as nutritious as possible. Our minimum of sourcing will be organic. 


  • We have a pack it in, pack it out policy. 

  • Each individual is responsible for their own garbage, including feminine products. Please be mindful to leave the land more tenderly cared for than you found them. 

  • For meals, there will be a compost bin. 

  • For bathrooms, we will have porta potties for toilet paper only. 

Can I come part time? Can I come for only a day?

  • Short answer: No. The container building is very important to us and the opening sets the tone for our whole weekend together. 

Community Service

  • Community service is optional and we highly encourage it. It helps the village run. Build relationships. And give back. 

Creek + Nudity

Being naked in water feels sooooo amazing! & So does holding each other well, wisely, skillfully. Nudity means and brings up different things for each of us, based on our trauma histories**, our regions of home, our positionalities of race, sex, gender.  Does our short gathering have enough time/space for us to tend what will come up with nudity? We are wondering and strategizing. 


One thought is that there will be enough to tend to in the field (with logistics and grief and showing up fully to the priority of recording) that we considered taking this variable off the stack. But because we have access to two beaches on the creek, we are making the following two option available for attendees:

  1. One beach will be designated for a clothing optional space.** 

  2. And the other beach will be designated as a space to wear swimsuits acknowledging that as much as naked swimming can be healing for our homecoming with water and pleasure, we will save that for spaces with more attention for it.  


Regardless of your decision of where to dip, please be mindful that there are 100’s of folks coming together from different places for this temporary 4-day container. 


**This gathering holds an awareness of the support needed for all bodies present.  We are particularly aware that song gatherings have historically been predominantly white bodied. As we dream into futures where gatherings like these are thriving in our diversity of sex, gender, race, abilities, cultures, etc. we recognize the importance of authentic relationship building and the responsibility of educating ourselves. 

We encourage our white siblings to do some basic research (especially in the context of beach nudity at this gathering) on the narrative of the Black Brute and the ways in which white women’s bodies have been weaponized to justify the violence towards Black Men. And the ways in which white male bodies have been weaponized to try and control Black and Brown bodies in order to protect white women. Further learnings recommended on Aaron Johnson's site, The Chronically Undertouched

This gathering is a nanochip within a larger culture shift that is taking place. We appreciate our willingness to learn together and from one another.

Where do the funds for ticket sales go?

  • The two main purposes for this gathering is to 1. Record the choir and 2. Continue to raise funds to support the completion of this work of art/album in its post-production stage. 

  • All proceeds collected for this gathering cover event expenses (Food/Caterer/Tent structures/Production management/Engineer and venue alone averages $50,000) and then we are paying several artists and facilitators minimum exchange compensations. Any additional funds are poured back into the album, WAILS: Songs for Grief for studio time, engineering, musicians, vocals, mixing + mastering. As we play with different forms of economy, this gathering is one way of exploring a collectively funded musical art project. LEARN MORE HERE

What if I want to attend but can't afford a ticket?

  • SCHOLARSHIPS: All scholarships have been paused. We encouraged folks to apply for a partial scholarship (we will be prioritizing low income, BIPOC, LGBTQI+, disabled folks) and as funds become available we will respond. If the tiered costs are a barrier, please fill out this form. 

  • WORKTRADE: All work trade positions have been paused. We had a limited number of work trade positions for a half price ticket at $265. If you wish to be considered for work trade, please fill out this form.

What if I want to sponsor someone to sing in the choir?

Refund Policy

  • All cancellations prior to May 1 will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations after May first will only be refunded (50%) if we can fill your spot with someone from our waitlist. You cannot, yourself, transfer your ticket to a friend. Each person must submit their own separate registration. Your space is not reserved until we receive your payment in full.

  • This is not an event to make profit, it's to be funneled back into the project for the completion of WAILS: Songs for Grief, the album. This album/event/journey has a fixed cost attached to it. This gathering is an experiment outside of capitalism: creating an event to fund an art project that MANY will have access to later down the line. LEARN MORE HERE.

Will I need to bring any money?

  • We will be selling some WAILS merch and may or may not have some vendors. Check back later. There is some cell service on the land in which case venmo could work. We do recommend bringing some cash just in case. 

What is the camping set up like?

  • This gathering is a closed container. We ask that folks commit to arriving before 1pm on Friday 7/28 (we will close registration at 1pm and won't be accepting late arrivals) to set up camp and pack out by Monday 7/31 by 2pm. There is NO creek camping and we will have General Camping, Light Sleeper Camp Zone, Family + Kiddo Camp Zone. The Land is a wide open meadow with plenty of room to set up camp where and how you’d like. Camping is first come first serve, so arriving on the earlier side will afford you the most options when choosing where to set up your tent. You can arrive as early as 9am on Friday 7/28 and as late as 1pm on Friday, we won’t be accepting folks after 1pm. Arriving early is also suggested so that you can acclimate and familiarize yourself with the land and its facilities. There is little to no shade, so thinking about creating shade structures might be a bonus for some. 

What are the bathroom situations like?

  • All campers have access to 8 portapotties on site and make shift hand washing stations. Campers are asked to NOT use the lodge facilities due to a sensitive septic system. There are no showers and we encourage folks to bathe in the creek. Please do not use any products (including sunscreen) in the creek. 


Will there be first aid on site?

  • Yes. 

How to get there

Flights into Seatac or Bellingham are the closest. Car rentals will probably be the best option. We will create a carpool link for attendees later down the road, but no guarantees. Without traffic, the location is roughly 1.5 hours from Seatac driving and roughly 50 minutes from Bellingham airport.

Who curated this gathering?

  • It takes a village to run a village. Alexandra Blakely is the artist and curator of the WAILS gathering, recording and album. WAILS gathering is a culmination of several different teams queenbeeing different hives (see collaborators) along with many other supporters offering input not listed/named. 


What to bring

  • Please note that for camping there is no shade. Please bring additional shade structures if that feels important to you. Shade for meals + gathering is provided and we will be indoors for recordings

  • Plate / Bowl / Cup / Utensils / Water Bottle -  we will not be providing this

  • 1-3 ounces of water from a body of water near where you are coming from (optional, and ritually prioritized) we will mix them all together

  • 1 piece of coal from your hearth to add to the Sacred "Fire" (optional, and ritually prioritized) we will mix them all together and the coals will be used to light a fire for the release of WAILS: Songs for Grief into the world in early 2024

  • Trash bag for your own garbage. We have a pack it out policy. You are responsible for your own garbage

  • Handkerchiefs for blowing noses (if grief arises) we won't have tissues on site and this will help with less waste

  • Tent

  • Sleeping Pad

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Pillow

  • Sun hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Swimsuit

  • Towel

  • Flashlight/Headlamp 

  • Special Dietary foods (as needed)

  • Electrolytes for yourself and a friend!

  • Appropriate footwear: all gathering spaces will be shoe-free

  • Journal

  • Tote Bag or Daypack

  • All whale paraphernalia (anyone have any whale bones???)

  • Readiness to adapt to what unfolds with curiosity, kindness and patience

  • If you can bring a hard cart or wagon to help move your gear and others’ between parking and camping, please do!

  • Altar items (altars)

  • A yoga mat if you plan on doing morning yoga with Jamuna + also a blanket if that feels cozy to you

  • Clothing: The weather will likely be lovely in July. But since we will be outside 83-100% of the time, bring multiple layers of clothing so you can adjust to the changing temperature. We will have bell tents, and there is no shade in the meadows. Please come prepared for this. Late evening and early morning temperatures might be quite chilly. Bring shoes that are sturdy on trailed paths, but are also easy to remove when you enter a shoes-off space (yes, we know that is a tricky combination). Bring a swimsuit if you want to swim in the creek.


    • As many flowers as possible, brought in a bucket of water that we can store indoors until Sunday. ​

    • Wheel barrows and wagons that we can borrow to help people lug their camping gear to their camp sites.

    • Lawn Chairs (as many as you can) for group use

    • Floor pillows (as many as you can) for group or personal use

Please remind yourself of the following


  • You don’t have to be or look a particular way to come to this gathering. We welcome diversity in identity, knowledge, skill and expression. 

  • We ask folks to come with a spirit of curiosity, an intention of unification and a willingness to learn. 

  • This is not a “party” environment. If folks are disrupting attendees in any way due to substances, you will be asked to leave. 

  • Many of the plants on the land are fragile and will not recover from damage.  Please be sure to honor and respect them by being aware of your steps.

  • Our stay on the land will most likely take place during a fire ban, so please be aware and do not bring any fire including candles to the gathering.  

  • Be prepared to be walking. The sanctuary, kitchen and camping areas can all be a 5-10 minute walk from each other depending on where you are on the land.

  • The camp is set up for a variety of camping. Plan to camp out in the open, in tents or vehicles. There are no RV hookups. 

  • Wagons will be available to carry your belongings to your campsite from the parking area.

  • We love pets, but please leave them at home.

  • Cultural Appropriation - at this gathering we ask that if you are sharing, be it medicine or song, etc., that is from your ancestral lineage and you are able to provide knowledge about the origins. 

We made you a playlist!

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